Scams Pose Threat to Seniors at Home

Scams that impact Seniors and how Caregivers can help.

Incidents of scams targeting older adults present an enormous threat to seniors' security, financially and emotionally.Home Instead Summer Heat Article

Three crimes on the rise, from the National Association of Triads, include:

  • Health care fraud such as Medicare/Medicaid scams and medication theft – The major tactic is the misuse of a medical card.  
  • Identity theft – A scammer can do an amazing amount of damage with the last four digits of a Social Security number, so it’s important to check a senior’s credit often. 
  • Financial exploitation tricks – Among them is the grandparent phone scam in which a senior gives up money to a criminal claiming to be a relative in urgent need of money.

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The 2011 AARP Foundation National Fraud Victim Study revealed that only 25 percent of people older than 50 reported to an authority they had fallen for a scam. Whether or not a scam is averted, sometimes the senior may still suffer:

  • Physical and emotional impact. Seniors may recuperate more slowly, and life-threatening illnesses can occur.
  • Inability to recover financially. 
  • Loss of independence. 
  • Diminished quality of life because a decision may drive victims to become reclusive, embarrassed and distressed. 
  • Vicarious victimization. A senior has not been a victim, but he or she fears being one.

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